Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ridiculous Laundry Facilities

According to the literature, my apartment complex Summit Rose has convenient laundry facilities. There are laundry facilities, but convenient is quite inaccurate (as an aside, the sauna mentioned on the website is a work of fiction). Two weeks ago I was going to put my clean, wet clothes in the dryer. I put in my money and it won’t start. I try this in another dryer, same thing. Same for a third. After careful examination, I determined that of the ten dryers in the facility, four of them actually worked. Those that didn’t work weren’t labeled so the machines would happily eat your money.

This kind of thing is fairly common in this complex and never seems to get resolved so I decided to take the issue up with Trilar, the property management group. I called that same day (May 6th) and spoke with a young woman. I noted that four out of the ten dryers worked and that this sort of thing was fairly common. She said that someone would be notified the next day and then hung up before I could get her name.

Now, it’s the 20th and I’m doing laundry again. When it’s time to dry the clothes, the question arises, “Did they fix the dryers?”. Quite the contrary. Now there are only two dryers that work out of ten. I called Trilar again and spoke with a gentleman named Larry who was very courteous. Larry assured me that someone would be notified on Monday.

I’m giving them another two weeks to do something about this. If there’s not at least eight out of ten dryers working I’m going to assume that Trilar isn’t going to do anything about it. At that point I’ll call the BBB, city housing, and possibly the North County Times.

Anyone else have to deal with crap like this?

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