Saturday, March 3, 2018

Impossible Burger

I just ate an Impossible Burger at Fatburger. If you hadn't told me what I was eating I would have told you I was eating a good but not great beef hamburger. The fact that it was entirely plant-based is impressive. It was savory, the texture was well within expectations for a beef hamburger.

Kelly tells me it nutritionally matches beef so it's not necessarily healthier. There's still the reduced environmental impact over beef. I could even see versions that compromise: including perhaps 10% beef for the extra flavor.

It was expensive though. Our two single-patty burgers with fries and drink was $31. I'd like this to become more popular so the price can go down. I would happily pay a dollar extra per patty for this as an substitution option at fast food places.

I'm really impressed by this as a first product and look forward to where this is going.