Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ridiculous Laundry Facilities Part 2 - The Tenant Strikes Back

Went to do laundry again yesterday. This time it appeared that there were still only two dryers that worked. Here’s the one I selected:

The duct tape is there to hold the dryer door closed. It supposedly worked provided the door was closed. Unfortunately, the door wasn’t motivated to do so unless forced.

I had a fairly large load of laundry so when it was still after the first run I wasn’t terribly surprised. After the second run I noticed it was just as damp but not hot. It then dawned on me that the dryer didn’t heat, it only tumbled.

I found the other working dryer and got my clothes dry after two runs. As I was retrieving my laundry I noticed a pair of undies hooked on the wall of the dryer. By the looks of them they got caught and dragged about quite a bit. As I was rummaging through the rest of my laundry I noticed several more articles of clothing with holes ripped in them. Here’s the product below:

With this in mind, I filed a complaint with The San Diego Better Business Bureau. Hopefully they can make something happen here.

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