Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apologize to Alan Turing

Apologize to Alan Turing

There’s a petition getting signatures demanding that the British government apologize (posthumously) to Alan Turing for their treatment of him as a homosexual.

I think they saw the objective, jumped in their cars and drove right passed it, waving in a really friendly way. Alan Turing wasn’t convicted of being Alan Turing, he was convicted of being a homosexual. Lots of people were homosexual at the time and were persecuted for it. No one at the time was persecuted for being Alan Turing.

How about we make a petition for the government to apologize to all homosexuals for their treatment by the government? Alan Turing is dead and I don’t think an apology is going to change that or make him feel better. But it might make some homosexuals that are alive feel a little better if they receive an apology.

Hooray for empty gestures!

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