Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colo Cage Hunting

I love colo cages because a lot of people think they alleviate the need for cabinets. Just put up four-post racks in your cage and you’re done. The cage gives you all the physical security you need.

I was told the phrase “the cage will keep malicious people from plugging things in”. Aside from the fact that cages can’t sense intent, I don’t think it can keep anyone from plugging things in.

I’d like to tell you a story. The story is about a hunter and his niche - hunting in colo cages. Here’s a photo:


That’s quite a mighty spear he has. Can it penetrate the hearty flesh of your protective colo cage? Let’s take a closer look:

Careful! U3 Poison!

Oooo… looks like U3 Poison. That’s nasty, particularly on Windows systems before Server 2008. Will it have an affect on his game? His quarry today is one of the young of his normal prey, the rackmount server. Perhaps he has a taste for veal:

Isn't it cute?

He stalks his prey into the bush of the cube prairie. Outside its normal protective cage the little one is even more vulnerable. Our hunter attacks!

He pounces!

Quite a nail-biter! Will the hunter get to eat or will the young one escape to live another day?

It's a kill!

Looks like our hunter was too fast. Would the little one have survived had he been in his cage? Seems doubtful. That spear is pretty long and could be even longer. This one was rather “field expedient”. He could possibly keep a collapsible, elastic-corded tent pole on his survival pack (netbook bag). What if the U3 poison wouldn’t work on the larger beasts? Many of those larger beast have an unused but enabled second network interface. Many beasts will react to a new ethernet link by asking for DHCP. Other beasts might have a firewire orifice which bypasses their immune system.

If you tend to beasts like this, keep the hunters at bay. Put cabinets in your cage or spay/neuter them using connectors with the cables clipped off. It’s even possible to find chastity belts for yours.

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