Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gentoo is Dead, Long Live Debian!

I had decommed my old gentoo home server that hadn’t been patched in around three years a few weeks ago. A week or so ago I wiped the drives as best I could since they were malfunctioning. I installed my new drives this evening: 2 80GB and 2 500GB SATA drives. They’re RAID1 together in pairs. The 80s will hold the OS and home directories, the 500s are all for media. Right now I have everything on another box with home directories on a VMWare host, media on a USB drive attached to the host, and all the services running in guests. I’m looking forward to migrating things back so I can rebuild the host as Debain 64 bit with VirtualBox.

I wrote about this before. Gentoo was great when I was in college and had plenty of time to muck about with things and get it just the way I want it. Having a full-time job I just don’t have the time.

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