Wednesday, August 7, 2013

(No) Sleep Study

Did my sleep study last night. My borg assimilation included the following:

  • An elastic band around my chest with a sensor in the middle and a wire coming out there. This is to monitor breathing.
  • An elastic band around my stomach with a sensor in the middle and a wire coming out there. I presume this is also to monitor my breathing.
  • An accelerometer taped to the center of the chest band to monitor my position.
  • A sensor taped to the outside of each calf muscle to detect restless legs.
  • A microphone taped to my neck to detect snoring.
  • An oxygen sensor on my index finger, taped to my hand.
  • A nasal cannula with side tubes taped to my cheeks to monitor the pressure of my breath.
  • All wires and tubes running to a recording device.
I also had a form to record when I turned on the device, when I went "lights out", which periods I was awake for during the night, my final wake time, and time when I turned the recording device off.

I got wired up about 11:00pm and read for a bit as I normally do. I was ready to go to sleep about 11:30pm. I got to sleep in about 15 minutes I think.

My girlfriend came to bed about 1:00am which woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. I stayed in bed trying to get back to sleep until about 2:00am at which point I got up and took 3mg of Melatonin and sat in a chair with a laptop until the Melatonin could kick in.

About 3:00am I felt I was ready to sleep so I laid down again. About 3:30am I gave up trying to sleep with all wires and such so I shut off the machine and pulled the sensors off. I think I eventually got to sleep about 4:45am.

I doubt there will be anything useful in the hour or less of sleep data that got recorded. I am unlikely to try this again.

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  1. I honestly think you should try again, with better control of night-time distractions. I had the same problems with my sleep study, but managed to get 4-5 hours my first night with it, and that was all the data they needed (verdict: life threatening apnea).


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