Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Duel

I may have dug myself into a hole but the results of the slide down should be interesting. My first “blog” was on Freenet and my most common post was to the effect of, “Sorry I haven’t updated in a while..”. I suspect that something of that nature is the most common update to blogs. Seeing a friend make such a reference I decided to open my big fat mouth and make a challenge.

I think this might be a unique challenge on the tubes. I challenged another blogger to a duel - For each full 24 hour period that one of us has a newer post of merit the other gains a point. The first to accumulate 100 points loses. If we each make posts just under every 48 hours and they’re properly interleaved we could go on indefinitely with neither of us accumulating a point. That’s a lot of pressure but I expect it will be good for both of us and our sites.

My original challenge with a spelling correction:

I challenge you to a duel, sir. We both have blogs that have grown relatively sleepy as of late. My challenge is this: For each full day that one of us has a newer blog post of merit the other accumulates one point. The first to accumulate 100 points is the loser.

Blog posts about the duel do not count, save for the first acknowledgment of the duel from each of us. Blog posts about life events, interests, hobbies, humorous anecdotes, and relevant responses to the others’ blog posts are all of merit.

Do you accept my challenge, sir?

Let’s see how this goes.

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