Thursday, June 25, 2009

Half-game Downloads

It’s valuable to give you only half of what you paid for.

So to foil pirates they’re only giving you half the game on the disk. The rest you have to download… having already paid for the game. This isn’t a patch or content update, this is content they just didn’t put on the disk.

Mr. Riccitello says:

So the point I’m making is, yes I think that’s the answer [to piracy]. And here’s the trick: it’s not the answer because this foils a pirate, but it’s the answer because it makes the service so valuable that in comparison the packaged good is not.

My thoughts:

The great thing about a game on a disk is that I can go to the store, buy it now, and play it now. The great thing about a downloadable game is that I don’t have to leave the house provided I’m willing to wait a bit.

This synergistically combines the worst aspects of both technologies.

So here’s an idea. To stop criminals we’ll sell handguns without firing pins. Then we’ll let you order the firing pin from our website at no charge. We have thus revolutionized the way people think about buying handguns and have added value to our website. Oh, and stopped criminals from getting firing pins somehow.

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