Friday, October 18, 2013

Be Careful With Your Brain Drugs pt II

At a friend's suggestion I tried setting an alarm for a couple hours before I intend to get up and when it goes off I take my Cymbalta and go back to sleep. The idea is that after a couple hours of absorption the "upper" effect of the medication will be there and it will be easier to hop out of bed and be an obnoxious morning person.

Instead I had incredibly bizarre dreams. I normally have weird dreams but this was on another level. While they had what passes for dream continuity, I can only recall fragments and I won't try to reproduce them here.

The really strange thing was after I got up and into the shower. I found myself experiencing real paranoia. I wondered if someone had installed a camera in my bathroom. I wondered if someone else was in the room. I wondered if my girlfriend was going to ambush me when I reentered the bedroom.

For each of these thoughts it only took me a second to realize that it was unfounded, but when the thought occurred it felt plausible for an instant. Very strange.

I'm going to keep trying this for a couple days to see if it persists, settles down, or was just a fluke and additionally to see if it provides actual benefit. So far I don't feel particularly more alert but having taken the meds early they should diminish early and I will hopefully find it easier to get to sleep early.

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