Monday, January 1, 2018

Cards Against Humanity Enhancements

One of my friend groups plays a fair amount of Cards Against Humanity. I've come up with some enhancements.
  1. Use a shoebox, game box top, or some other box for white card discard. It's much neater than discard piles.
  2. Use a hat or something similar to collect white card submissions. It genuinely speeds things up.
  3. Provide multiple stacks of white and black cards respectively for people to pull from. It makes it much easier for people to get their next cards and keeps the game moving.
  4. If the black card with three blanks is in your deck, pull it out permanently.
  5. When a black card with two blanks comes up, the judge draws a white card to fill in one of the blanks of their choosing. Everyone submitting two white cards slows the game down. Filling in one of the blanks with a random white card means the black cards with two blanks become unique every time they appear, rather than tedious.
  6. During the initial deal-in for each player, give them three extra white cards. Each player discards three before the game begins. This provides a funnier set of initial cards for everyone.
  7. Draw two, keep one. After each player submits their white card they must draw a replacement white card. Instead, each player should draw two white cards and discard one of the two they just drew, their choice. This reduces the accumulation of bad white cards.

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